Coaching and consulting for model based product development

We offer consulting for chemists, biologist, biotechnologists, engineers, etc. that want to develop or improve a product with model-based methods. No previous experience with model-based methods is required. We help you to achieve the following:

Software services

Maintenance and usability interventions

For customers who operate and maintain their own custom scientific software, we provide the following services:

Software selection

This is related to the coaching/consulting services offered above, and is intended for users who are considering changing their software platform, or introducing new software.

Custom software development

Some computational requirements cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf software. Either because your problem at hand has not been addressed in a way that satisfies the constraints of the project, or because you need a specific combination of algorithms. For these needs we offer custom software development.

Together we choose the algorithms you need, the libraries that may be used (depending on any issues of interest, including of course intellectual property rights), and a licensing, support, and payment scheme. Then we start development and deliver as soon as possible.

Project services

We also offer additional professional writing and teaching services to move forward your project: