Development, Design and Mantainance of Technical Software

Our goal

Our goal is to make sure that your investment in modern algorithms of artificial intelligence and scientific computing is successful. Our specialization is on the software components that embody the mathematical methods and scientific results, and the interfaces to data and the rest of your software ecosystem.

Computational kernels

Our concept is based on the clear separation between software systems that interact with users or machines, and the computational kernel, which implements the high-end algorithms and acts as the brain of the system.

We believe that this modular concept is the only one that ensures long term functionality and successful investments. How successful? Well, one of our customers runs a computational kernel from the 1980s that still today gives the company an edge, and thanks to our maintenance work he can continue to use it without further modifications for many years if not decades to come. Sounds like a great investment!

That is our goal: to make your ideas work in the long term. That means: with a reliable computational kernel which needs little if any maintenance, and keeps you from being depending on employees that are hard to find and hard to keep.

We are experts in designing, maintaining and developing such computational kernels, as well as in the interfaces for integrating them into the software systems that host them.

With the aid of our partners we can develop such systems too, BTW, if need arises.

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Digital Twins

A computational kernel reasons about the world using a digital twin, (aka model) of the system of interest. In this digital twin sensor data, layout descriptions, etc. become a VR-like copy of the system, which can be manipulated at will. This possibility is key for the effectiveness of the algorithms in the computational kernel, because it can now test possible designs or controls, and decide what is best.

It is also possible to use a digital twin without a computational kernel, as a means for visualization or to reason about life cycles of components, etc.

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We have spent almost two decades working on projects of technological transfer of research results into industry, both as researchers and developers. This experience, together with our network of contacts in science allow us to support projects in a wide array of subjects.

Programming languages:

C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Javascript, Python, Common Lisp, Matlab, and more.


Windows, Linux, STM32


XML, SQL, Json, etc.