What we do

To aid researchers and developers to make the most of their domain knowledge and experience, the company Modellierung und System­optimierung Mommer GmbH (which translates as modelling and system optimization) offers flexible and effective help in the use of model-based mathematical methods in industry (see our services page).


Ein Bild von mir
Dr. Mario S. Mommer - Founder and Managing Director

This company was founded in April 2014 by Dr. Mario S. Mommer to bring the full power of modern mathematical methods out of academia into what is called, sometimes, the real world. Academia is of course very real, but it has constraints and habits that sometimes make it very difficult to address the real needs of industry (which in my view includes companies of any size) in a timely and effective manner.

Before founding the Modellierung und Systemoptimierung Mommer GmbH, Dr. Mommer spent more than a decade at different institutions in Europe (especially Germany) doing research on applied mathematics and numerical analysis (see here for a short CV), applying his experience to many interdisciplinary projects with collaboration partners from science an industry.

How we work together

That depends a lot on your needs: some clients prefer an exploratory, on-demand approach, where we choose the next step depending on what we have found out so far. Some prefer structured projects with clear goals and timetables.

At the very least, we should schedule a call to get to know each other and discuss your needs.


Interested? We'd love to hear from your ideas and challenges and help you realize your visions! Write us an email to schedule a call! (e-mail: info@msmommer.de).